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We offer a wide range of dental services starting with demonstrations and tips for at home care. For some information on at home care check out www.vohc.org For a demonstration on at home care check out our you tube video.

When the dental disease had progressed beyond at home preventative care we offer dental cleanings that include full mouth dental radiographs(x-rays). For this procedure your pet must be under general anesthesia and we take every precaution to make anesthesia as safe as possible, even for elderly patients. For teeth with dental disease that has progressed beyond simple cleaning we also perform dental extractions. It is also not uncommon to find dental disease that is below the gumline and invisible with simple visual exams and cleanings, so to make sure severe disease is never left untreated we perform a full mouth set of dental x-rays along with every dental cleaning. We provide these x-rays at no additional charge.

Here are some examples of dental disease found and treated here at TVAC.