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Adult Canine Wellness

We recommend annual wellness exams, blood testing and vaccinations to keep your dog healthy and to diagnose and treat problems before they become serious. We also recommend annual and semi-annual testing for various parasites, along with year round parasite prevention. If you have ever wondered what all these tests and exams tell us about your pet, this brochure should answer those questions.

First we will talk about testing included in your dog’s annual wellness visit.

We collect a fecal sample and mix it with a solution then allow it to sit for 10 minutes. At that time we look at the sample under the microscope. On this sample we look for a variety of intestinal parasites. These parasites can cause problems from a simple diarrhea to a severe life threatening anemia. If your dog defecates before his exam you can collect this sample in a zip lock bag and bring it with.

We recommend heartworm prevention for all dogs, cats and ferrets. The prevention should be given once monthly and continued all year long. For dogs to stay on the prevention we require a heartworm test every other year as long as your pet has received their prevention every month. If your dog has missed doses of prevention or gets their prevention from online pharmacies we require testing every year. The heartworm preventions we recommend are all very effective, but none of them are 100% effective even when given exactly as directed. We test to make sure the prevention is working in your pet, and if for some reason it hasn’t, to detect an infection before the worms can cause serious and permanent damage to the heart and lungs

Next comes your pet’s complete exam by one of our doctors and vaccination. If you have any questions about your pet, any new lumps or bumps you have noticed at home, any behavior changes, and/or changes in eating, drinking, defecating, or urination make sure to bring them up with the doctor. Common problems found on a physical exam can include, obesity, severe dental disease, ear/skin infections, fleas, ticks, heart murmurs, and masses or growths. If a problem is found on exam our doctor may recommend additional diagnostics or procedures to help evaluate your pet’s health and prevent life threatening illnesses before they progress too far.

Finally, as long as they are healthy, your pet will be vaccinated.

*Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs over 12 weeks of age and must be repeated every year or every three years depending on which vaccine you choose.

*Parvo/Distemper/Parainfluenze/Adenovirus/Corona virus vaccination. Serious and in some cases life threatening viral infections.

*Bordetella (kennel cough) recommended for dogs that board, go to the groomer, and/or go to dog shows or parks. All three vaccines are required if your pet boards with us.