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What care will my pet receive?

  • All dogs are walked three times a day
  • All litter boxes are emptied at least twice a day, more often when we notice they are soiled.
  • All pets are fed twice a day
  • We feed Science diet food, either canned or dry depending on the animal.
  • If your pet needs a special diet please bring this with them.
  • All dog that stay more than two nights receive a complementary bath the morning they go home, or Friday morning if going home Saturday.
  • If your pet needs medications while boarding these will be given by one of our technicians. Please tell us when the last dose was given and how often the medications are needed.
  • If a minor medical problem is noted while your pet is here, a veterinarian will examine your pet and someone will talk to you when your pet goes home.
  • If a major medical problem is noted while your pet is here, a veterinarian will examine your pet and someone will try to reach you at your emergency contact information. Please make sure we have a number to reach you or someone that can make emergency decisions for your pet when you are out of town.
  • If your pet has fleas or ticks they will be given a capstar or will have prevention applied when they enter the kennel to prevent spread to the other animals.
  • If your pet’s vaccinations are not current, a veterinarian will examine your pet and will update those vaccinations.

When can I pick up my pet?

  • Cats can be picked up any time we are open.
  • Dogs that get a bath should be picked up after 2PM on weekdays. If you would like to pick up your dog sooner please call ahead and decline the bath or ask that it be given the day before.
  • If your plans change and you are going to pick up on a different day than previously scheduled, please call and let us know as soon as you know so they get their bath on the appropriate day.

What should I bring with my pet?

  • If your pet has medications or a special food please bring it.
  • We provide blankets and beds. Toys are provided when needed.
  • We will use the blankets, beds, toys, and treats that you bring when we can. Many times beds and blankets get dirty and need to be washed. Occasionally they do get lost in the laundry. We do our best to prevent this, but your items may not be available to go home when your pet leaves.
  • We are not responsible for damages or wear of items left with your pet while boarding.
  • Please label all items clearly with either your or your pet’s name in permanent marker.
  • All collars and leashes will be removed and sent back home with you. They will be replaced with a breakaway ID collar.